Cavemen Cookies

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Issue 4, 2009


Foods Matter - Sept '15
"We really loved the soft and sticky texture of all these cookies, and the use of honey instead of sugar brought an earthy set of flavours, but still deliciously sweet."

Getting Primal - June '15
"Overall, we can honestly state without a doubt that Caveman Cookies were out of this world delicious." - Apr '15
"Check out that ingredient list! All read-able. All edible. ALL RIGHT in this girl's book... I highly suggest trying these out!"

Destination Femme - Oct '14
"By far, amigas, the best cookies that your taste buds will ever encounter! Can we say “Ah-mazing!"

USA Love List - July '14
"These cookies are great. I love the texture, sweetness, and unique flavors. Normally I don't go for chocolate cookies, but I LOVE the Mayan Cookie."

SCD For Life - June '14
"These are a nice little sweet snack... the cookies come individually wrapped so it's handy to grab a few to take along wherever you are going."

Shecky's - Oct '13
"Both dairy and gluten free, these scrumptious cookies come in a variety of different flavors."

Healthy Nest - July '13
"Oh my gosh, they were good. Nutty, honey-y, light and sweet—just perfect."

Kristin McGee - May '13
"Because of the healthy fats, they really fill you up and help you from eating too many in one sitting...I can’t choose a favorite, they are all so tasty!" 

Clean Eating Magazine - Jan '12
"These gluten-free, 100% all-natural cookies are soft and chewy... They're a great source of protein and at just 65 calories per cookie, these snacks are the next best thing to foraging for your own ingredients." 

Vital Juice - Aug '11
"We tried the tasty tropical cookies and loved how naturally sweet (and satisfying) they were." - June '11
"For a cookie with no flour, sugar, butter, or chocolate, they’re stunningly good."

Hungry Hungry Hippie - Mar '11
"The texture was awesome because the nuts were undetectable, but there was still a hint of crispy crunch with raisins mixed in too. It reminded me a lot of a molasses cookie…with a touch of gingerbread flavoring. Definitely yummy." 

Just Desserts NYC - Oct '10
"The cookie itself is chewy and soft, and it seemed extremely fresh... I enjoyed the strong 3 spice flavors, and it had a nice “rawness” to it that made me feel like I was eating something good for me."

Gluten Free Easily - Jun '10
"One of the very few 'processed' products that I’m willing to recommend...Caveman Cookies contain high quality ingredients and are a great gluten-free choice when one needs a cookie fix."

Paleo Diet Blog — May ’10
“In conclusion, if you are looking for a sweet little somethin-somethin to have for dessert, or as a go-to treat on the road, check out The cookies are delicious, they are paleo, and they are clearly made with love and attention.”

Fit and Fabulous — Apr ’10
“These would be the perfect treat to have with coffee – it was hard to eat just one!”

Fit in Milwaukee — Feb ’10
“Caveman Cookies has a new variety—Tropical. They were a paradise in my mouth full of Tropical goodness.”

The Clothes Make the Girl — Dec’09
“They’re sweet and chewy and totally satisfying.”

Georgiegirl — Nov ’09
“For all the cookie monsters in my life who also try and remain healthy, I just stumbled across a treat for you… OH MY GOD. These cookies are divine.”

Miss Muffets — Oct ’09
“These cookies are delicious and 100% primal…The sweetness conquered my cravings and prevented me from finishing off the entire bag; the perfect combination!!”

Son of Grok — Sept ‘09
“Conclusions: These taste awesome and truly are a worthy investment. I wouldn’t make a habit of packing them back but one here and there is definitely a reasonable treat. Also as I said, these would make an excellent gift!"


Power to the Brain - Sept '15
Included in a round-up of stimulating snacks for gamers.

Spice of Life Blog - Mar '15
"These boxes are so fun that they would be perfect for a gift or in a gift basket for Paleo people."

24-7style - Dec '14
"These Paleolithic cookies are ideal not just for those following the Paleo diet, but anyone trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle."

Nutripaige - Oct '14
"They have a fantastic flavour and are deliciously chewy. I have now sampled all flavours and LOVE each one." - August'14
"Cookie monsters will love these chewy paleo cookies." - July '13
"Those Caveman Cookies were gone in about 5 minutes – freaking delicious!"

Subscription Maven - July '13
"These little cookies were divine. Soft, chewy and coconuty, I could not get enough!"

Athlete Culture - Feb '13
Roundup of "Essential Products for the Paleo Lifestyle"

Low Country Paleo - Dec '12
"Caveman Cookies are convenient, shelf stable, and yummy." - Oct '11
"True to the bakery's claim, the cookies were incredibly dense and chewy—and definitely as sweet and satisfying as cookies go." 

Gear Patrol - Sept '11
"Caveman Cookies proves natural and cookies aren’t mutually exclusive."

Fooducate - Aug '11
"This is about as unprocessed as you can get, unless the almonds and hazelnuts would be left whole."

Nell Stephenson - Dec '10
"If you're going to splurge, once in a while, give 'em a try and stay Paleo, rather than heading off to the cookie shop in the mall and getting a stomach full of gliadin, gluten and corn syrup!" 

Bloomington PowerFit — Apr ’10
“One of my good friends sent me two boxes of Caveman Cookies from Caveman Bakery and they were DELICIOUS!” — Apr ‘10
“Embrace your inner caveman with the Paleo Diet…New York City now boasts a Caveman Bakery featuring ’high quality Paleolithic baked treats.’"

ABA Journal — Mar ’10
“Hughes Hubbard Associate Quits to Run Caveman Cookie Venture”

Aric Monts: Analyst, Triathlete, Human — Feb ’10
“For a long time, cookies were too modern to be considered primal. Now, after long last, a truly, primal cavemen cookie has hit the market. woohoo!” — Jan ’10
“Munchies from Prehistory…A cute alternative to the innumerable cookie options out there.”

 The Dieline — Sept ’09
“Great illustration work by Kristina Sacci, whose work we previously featured here.”